Tricks used by sites to attract you

It is not enough to create a good website, to have a good product or a great concept to have a crowd rushing over it. Even with a content strategy and optimized SEO, bringing in traffic takes time. To speed up this process, you can follow the 6 following tips.

1 / Use social networks
It might seem obvious in this internet age, but creating social media profiles is a great way to get customers to your site. Each social network having its own target, you will have to choose between Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Tiktok depending on the content you want to share but especially the target you are targeting. It will therefore be necessary first to find out about the users present on each medium in order to select the one or those which are the most suitable for your target. Once this choice is made, the work is not finished since you will have to animate each social network. There’s no point in having fans if you don’t put in any content that captivates them. The latter is not the result of chance and should interest them. It’s not just about putting your commercial offers but you need to determine not only the frequency but also the type of content you want to share. Note that you can differentiate your content depending on the social networks you use.

2 / Set up a blog
Another profitable strategy if your site does not host any content or if you want to have a little different content: that of the Blog. It is a technique widely used to improve the SEO of its site by creating links that lead to your website. If you can share your expertise on your blog, some curious people should naturally be interested in what you do elsewhere. It usually talks about giving free advice that shows you are a pro in the industry. Overall, having a blog contributes to your notoriety but can also serve to increase that of your business. Remember that all article writing involves a certain rigor and that your content must be structured and of quality. There is no point in writing an article if it is badly made.

3 / Attract with bonuses
Like casinos, you can attract Internet users to your site with the help of welcome and bonus offers. The bonuses are far from trivial. Customers are fans of bonuses and for this it is enough to see the craze for loyalty cards among others that give bonuses and loyalty points. But make no mistake, these bonuses must match their interests, which is why they must be chosen wisely … You can try the online casino for free for example here.

4 / Advertise or partner
Nothing prevents you from advertising on all types of media. Regarding your website, you can also look at SEA, otherwise paid techniques to get your content up on search engines. However, you will need to control your budget and ask yourself if the ROI (return on investment) is worth it because a user who comes to your site is not necessarily a customer. On the other hand, you can also think about boosting your publications on social networks, especially when you have particularly interesting content in order to encourage more people to join your fans or followers. If we often think of these techniques, know that you can also achieve link exchange partnerships with influential sites or bloggers.

5 / Reference wherever you can
There are many directories and sites that list others. Do not hesitate to go in search of those which are free or even paid in order to increase your presence on the web. If your site is an e-commerce site, you can also think about getting referenced on price comparison sites by contacting them. Some offer to do it for free but this sometimes requires spending time to get your offer listed or even money to be part of the offers offered. In this context, target in particular comparators who leave comments open (if your offer is good).

6 / Push by e-mail
You should know here that your e-mailing database cannot be put together just any old way, especially if you are addressing individuals. Steps must be taken with the CNIL and you must ensure that your target is indeed consenting to receive your e-mail. Otherwise, you could quickly find yourself sanctioned. The creation of the database is generally carried out by subscribing to your newsletter. If some sell their bases, know that some react particularly badly to this practice and will quickly ask you to be unsubscribed. It is generally relevant in this case to make attractive promotional offers that will lead the Internet user to visit your site.