Make an effective emailing

If emailing represents a lower cost marketing solution, do not use it as a cheap tool! Because a message sent to a prospect list distills an image of your brand – always a good idea to take care of, isn’t it?

To send emails to contacts, you must first have a contact list. Simplistic? Not so sure. Our first piece of advice is as follows: take time to look after the list of people who have subscribed to your online newsletter, via a reply coupon or partnership services and update your list following purchases and online activities of the anybody. Update your document regularly so that when you receive an email, the first line does not look like a “Dear…” followed by a blank. One of the keys to remember in the age of continuous mass information is the quality of the relationship you forge with your consumer. You must therefore reactivate your database and gradually qualify the profiles.

A targeted message, adapted at the right time
If adapting messages to customer expectations enhances the relationship you have with him, you will take care not to suffocate him by a too marked presence in his email box. Also avoid email headlines with exceptional catchphrases such as “Huge promotions on our latest arrivals”, “Free shipping from 25 € of purchase” , “Win the car of your dreams”… You might not get past the spam step. Your title should be catchy and sympathetic, your message sober, explanatory and didactic to provide enough information to customers and encourage them to continue reading on your site by inserting clickable areas. You must bet on quality editorial content that you vary without it being too long or not powerful enough. It is fashionable that the graphic charter of your emailing is comparable to that of your website so that your message is easily identifiable.

Take the technique test
An email is similar to writing a website page. You will need to pay attention to the width of your message for optimal visibility. It is advisable not to exceed 600 pixels so that the email is displayed correctly on screens and in particular smartphones. Your email is coded with moderation. Some CSS style sheets are not supported by environments. We advise you not to use any but to develop a code which respects web standards by using an editor to design your messages. Remember to test your HTML emails as you would with a website by comparing its reception on different types of mailboxes. To pass the blocking and filtering tests for your shipments, the reputation of the domain name and the IP address are two major elements taken into account by the anti-spam systems of access providers. Specialized companies offer paid solutions to be registered on the white lists of Internet service providers.

Choosing the right router
Even if the solution to send your emailing is yours, don’t forget that routing is a profession. You must therefore think about the strategy that you put in place by organizing the emailing campaigns along the following axes: size, frequency, volume and growth. In choosing your solution, you will take into account the cost of routing, as well as the deliverability of the messages and the statistics provided downstream. You can use a specialized agency, buy an email campaign management solution or use the services of an ASP (Application Service Provider).

Manage and analyze data downstream
After your emailing campaigns, you will need to focus your energy on analyzing the statistics to optimize your next mailings. You will ensure the open rate (percentage of recipients who have read your e-mail compared to the number of messages delivered), the click-through rate (number of times a recipient has clicked on one of the links contained in the e-mail) , the conversion rate (sales / recipient ratio) using tracking tools. You will also attach importance to being responsive regarding incorrect email addresses to withdraw from shipments, complaints received and also unsubscribes. To improve your emailing, you can also create a specific email address that you subscribe to several brands and newsletters. This standby exercise will help you compare your tool to others and refine it step by step. By analyzing the results of your email marketing campaigns in this way, you will quickly get an idea of ​​which campaigns are working or not, and you can adjust your future communication if necessary.

Respect the CNIL rules

  • It is forbidden to conduct electronic prospecting from addresses collected in public spaces such as websites, directories or forums.
  • Ask for the recipient’s agreement, this is the general principle of any good emailing, to be respected in all circumstances!
  • When collecting the email address, you must inform the person that their email will be used for prospecting purposes.
  • Systematically offer the possibility of unsubscribing in each message.
  • Each commercial message must specify the identity of the advertiser.
  • Declare your file of e-mail addresses to the CNIL.