Santa Claus, this manager par excellence

Santa Claus makes thousands of parents, grandparents and uncles and aunts act, particularly in Europe, to offer gifts, surround the tree with garlands and balls of all colors and bring families together. It is not a legend to say that it keeps all food businesses running, but also all sectors (toys, perfumery, jewelry, etc.).

Let’s take a look at this outstanding leader!

Entrepreneurial Dynamics, at the end of the year when we are talking more about doses than toys and gifts, wanted to put a little balm in the heart by addressing an extraordinary (and magical?) Being who allows everyone to end the year in style: Santa Claus. Yes, if there is one person who works all year round to rejoice hearts, it is he.

A Santa Claus on the spot all year round
With customers all over the world, a whole industry is on the move to allow our youth to have happy holidays. To succeed in this colossal task, the man in red and with the white beard has little room for error and he knows it. This would be (according to our latest sources) even in the process of applying new inventions to pollute our blue planet less during these trips. He also took advice from young entrepreneurs keen on ecology.

But with tools
To use its business model, you will need to equip yourself with the essential tools, put in place impeccable procedures, have top-notch administrative management, improve your managerial techniques and strengthen team spirit. But like Santa Claus who has long established himself as an undisputed leader with a sustainable company, to face the competition, you may also have to manage delicate situations. But aren’t challenges the best way forward?

A multitasking worker who never stops!
Does Santa Claus call an entrepreneur “manager”? Each year, he must distribute to children around the world a huge amount of gifts. For this, he was able to surround himself with a good team and develop a concrete organization. Focus on the characteristics that make this fictional character an ideal manager!

Contrary to popular belief, if Santa Claus existed, he wouldn’t be working just one day a year. Before the actual delivery, he does a whole other job upstream. According to an offbeat study by, an insurance site, the character would work in his factory 8 hours a day for 364 days. He would continuously manufacture the toys that his customers demanded there. In addition to that, this outstanding manager should also take care of wrapping gifts, taking care of the reindeer, managing his employees … As a good entrepreneur, he would spare no time and would only allow himself a little. sometimes in January, after the delivery period (just to release the pressure and avoid burnout?). If Santa Claus existed, he would earn around $ 140,000 per year for an hourly wage of 40, 09 dollars, not counting the remuneration for ancillary tasks such as wrapping gifts and caring for reindeer which would amount to approximately 4,000 dollars. A titanic job!

An outstanding logistician
14,200: this would be the number of reindeer that Santa Claus would need to transport in such a short time the impressive number of gifts to be delivered each year (approximately 707 million or 1.2 million tonnes)! For this, the latter should plan a considerable budget for the maintenance and food of the mounts. As an old-school entrepreneur, Santa Claus wouldn’t use any machines to tow his sleigh, so his entire distribution would be based on his animals. To avoid any risk, the character would always provide a surplus of 10,000 reindeer to replace those who would fall ill or who would be injured during the various journeys. Although he would make a point of taking care of the reindeer himself, he would be obliged to hire elves to support him in this gigantic task. They would take care of counting the reindeer each week in order to plan, if necessary, a new order. They would also set up the budget for food and upkeep. Employees would report regularly to Santa Claus so that he can be assured that there will be no problems with the delivery. As a good logistician, he would always stay one step ahead and be prepared for any eventuality.

A diligent and efficient manager
With a flourishing business, Santa Claus should know how to surround himself with a sacred team for inventory management, customer service, reindeer maintenance. For this, we imagine that he would employ around 500 elves. To unite his team, the bearded man would rely on concrete internal communication and would not hesitate to delegate the most important tasks to the oldest elves. These, with the experience gained over the centuries, will undoubtedly have acquired the necessary know-how and the respect of the youngest. Like a good entrepreneur who would know how to manage his teams, Santa Claus would probably not hesitate to boost motivationof its employees by giving benefits to those who would work best. Close to his employees, it would be a safe bet that he would also be able to be firm in sanctioning disruptive elements.

A boss who knows how to maintain his customer relationship
With more than 2 billion customers, Santa Claus has established an unparalleled business strategy over the years. It would have partnerships with many cities and countries where the latter, with garlands, advertisements, decoration and look-alikes would announce its next delivery. Santa Claus would have a service dedicated solely to customer relations, insofar as his teams would manage both handwritten letters and e-mails, which would arrive by the thousands every day!

A wise inventory manager
To meet the ever-growing demand from its customers, the big red guy should produce an impressive amount of gifts. Unicef ​​in fact identifies 2.106 billion children under the age of 18 around the world. If we of course take into consideration that Santa Claus makes deliveries without taking religion into account, that makes a significant number of customers to manage! He would work every day of the year to produce a sufficient number of toys, test them, package them and store them until D-Day.

A polluter who would like to become eco-responsible
If he did have one flaw, it would be this one. According to estimates, its sled, optimized according to current standards and which would pollute no more than a traditional car (approximately 115 g of CO2 per km), would release 17.1 million kilos of C02, or the equivalent of the emission. 2,000 French people per year! In order to avoid sanctions from large bodies and to remain foolproof competitive, it would consider developing an increasingly eco-responsible strategy.