Layout and decoration of the office, how to proceed?

Many companies neglect the layout of their employees’ offices due to lack of time or budget. However, the office represents a space occupied by your collaborators from morning until evening. It is therefore essential that this environment suits them. This will make them more productive. Providing the employee with the opportunity to work in comfort is a positive reward that you must show to them.

Research has shown that 9 in 10 employees say they are more productive and creative when working in a well-appointed office . How to furnish and decorate offices at a lower cost? The point with this article.

According to a study carried out by Odoxa in partnership with L’Usine Nouvelle, 78% of French people believe that the company must change. The proportion even reaches 89% among executives. The individual office won 78% of the vote (the French people questioned have a good image), ahead of coworking spaces (67%). The open space (the open platform) scores even worse than that of the flex office (the workspace without a dedicated office), with 44% (against 49% for the shared office) of people having a good image . The open-space is the only development that is mostly frowned upon (54% of French people).

Office layout

First, the size of the employee’s workplace must suit his activity, it must be sufficiently spaced out so that he can easily carry out his activity. Usually, there should be space to set up the computer, printer and fax machine or to put down a notebook, sheets or books for information. For employees who often need to consult company files or archives, a small library in their office is essential. As for office equipment, you will have the choice between different materials such as natural wood, varnish, painted, glass or melamine. The choice of materials will depend on the style you want to reflect, but also on the budget as well as the working conditions in your company.

The layout of an individual office

The layout of an individual office is different from the layout of an open-space. An office must be at least 10m² and must follow all layout standards.

The shape of the furniture must adapt to the shape of the desk, the chosen seat must also match it. A rectangular desk is suitable, for example, in a tightly spaced room. Regarding the choice of seat or armchair, it depends on the budget of the company. For lighting, prefer natural light, but if this is not enough, avoid anyway lights that are too strong or too direct such as spotlights. Choose lighting that is closest to natural light to avoid eye strain.

The layout of an open-space office

As for the open space , removable partitions are better suited. These are flexible and cost less, they also allow good circulation space. Depending on the space you have, you have the choice between several forms of partitions: the rosette, which puts employees face to face, and the daisy, which is well suited to cross-shaped desks.
These positions promote communication between your employees. And finally, for light, favor mood lighting to create a more calming environment. Add to this individual low voltage lights to avoid strong heat generation and also to save electricity.

After all the offices have been fitted out, let your employees complete the decoration on their own. This will allow them to personalize their space according to their style and the environment in which they would like to work. A family photo frame, a vase with flowers or other decorative pieces will allow the employee to feel at home, in his world, while being at work!