Is your management at the top?

There was a not so distant time when management applied a unique, pyramidal method that no one questioned. This management built on corporatism was adapted to the time. Today, under the pressure of global information, management can no longer resemble that of yesterday because innovations and permanent developments lead it to question itself. In addition, teleworking, which has become essential for many employees, due to the pandemic, has called into question the way of managing but, what is more, for employees who have been forced to come to the workplace in complex circumstances have forced more than one manager to review his management to involve employees who felt a certain injustice.

How do you know if your management and the methods you use are efficient and optimal? How can you take the necessary distance to get all the answers to your questions or even to develop new management methods and techniques more in line with the expectations of your employees?

The signs that should lead to a questioning

You are a leader and the methods you use make the business work. You must therefore juggle between being fully involved in your business and taking a step back to judge your personal results. This hindsight is completely necessary: ​​a manager who never doubts his methods and his skills would fall prey to a much more fatal fall.

Many situations can make you doubt the quality and effectiveness of your management methods. Mixture, it can be remarks coming from certain employees and which question your management methods, a personal questioning on your qualities and your aptitudes to manage men and women within your company. , suggestions coming from your superiors which put doubt in your mind, recently fallen figures which demonstrate a cruel lack of efficiency …

Your management methods: top or flop?

As a business manager, you are required to use management methods that take up the basics of this field of application while adding personal touches. These touches should be added sparingly, although the personal aspect is paramount in management. And this is where the shoe pinches: with methods that are constantly evolving, today’s managers are finding it increasingly difficult to find fixed, immutable bases. And the challenges are numerous. Stress, burnout, lack of self-confidence, all these evils threaten these same managers within the framework of their current function, and these same evils push the leaders to question themselves more and more often, until they do not really know what to do. However, it is very important to remember something: the questioning is not necessarily negative, on the contrary.

Question yourself to reach the path of excellence

To know if your management is at the top, to judge the quality of your personal methods, and this while avoiding the evils that await you, do not hesitate to question yourself often, but in a constructive way. What are the possible areas for improvement of my management methods? What feedback have I had from my collaborators, the employees I report to me, my superiors? Are they positive or negative? Why ? Take the time to answer all these questions to find the avenues for improvement that are available to you, to put in place improvement solutions for your current management methods. You have to take this time, take this essential step back to improve your management and management skills. Once this process has been completed, it will be quite possible for you to say the following: “Yes, my management is at the top! “.