How to choose your company car?

If the company car is still one of the rewards favored by companies, it is first of all because it does not increase your salary costs as an increase would do and makes it possible to show its attachment to employees. However, there are many elements to take into account before making your choice, such as taxation. Zoom on the criteria to be taken into account.

A form of reward for employees

The company vehicle represents above all a reward because it is often a more upscale vehicle than what your employee could have bought or quite simply because he does not bear the purchase costs. and use or maintenance. Unlike the service vehicle which has only professional use apart from any home-work trips, it can also be used for personal needs, particularly during weekends or holidays. Human Resources generally use the company vehicle as a means of retaining employees, enhancing them or even motivating them.

The main elements of choice

First of all, it must obviously meet professional needs since it must facilitate the daily life of your employee. It must take into account, for example, whether or not your employee is going to transport equipment, even on an occasional basis. It is not only a reward but also a tool. Before stopping on a model, it is a question of listing all the professional constraints such as the number of kilometers that your employee will cover per year or the type of trips he will make.

It may seem obvious that an employee who travels more than 50,000 km per year will not have the same needs as those who only make short trips in urban areas. This choice could also affect other elements such as preferring an automatic / manual car or choosing between a diesel, a gasoline or a 100% electric vehicle. It is often considered that large riders will need a diesel, those who travel in urban areas may possibly opt for electric and that in urban or peri-urban areas, the hybrid may be of real interest.

The employee’s wishes to know

Regarding a possible reward for your employee, taking into account what he wants can remain a good practice. While some will prefer vehicles that are easy to park, others will favor comfort as an example.

All the elements can be studied with it and some can be particularly important such as the bodywork, the color, the category of cars (city cars, compact sedans, station wagons, road cars, minivans, SUVs, etc.) or even the model which can be more or less appeal to your employee. Also, if the affixing of a sticker on the car can thus appear like a good idea to promote your company, it can also completely displease your employee who may not like to end up becoming a traveling advertisement but for others have the pride of belonging to your company is an added value.

The personal elements are not to be neglected such as, for example, if he has children or not. It should also be noted that the overall image of the vehicle for your employee often represents a determining element in the choice. Be careful though that your choice does not conflict with the values ‚Äč‚Äčadvocated by the company or the employee’s sensitivity to certain themes such as ecology.

Look at the cost of the vehicle

Of course, it will take into account the cost of the vehicle and not just the purchase or rental price. This is referred to as the total cost of ownership, which will vary depending on many factors and in particular the use or depreciation of the vehicle over time. Electric vehicles are also often the big losers in this area and diesels the winners over the long distances to be covered. Average benchmarks exist for the majority of models, generally determined over an average period of three years for 20,000 km per year.

Likewise, taxation remains to be taken into account since, for example, an electric vehicle can give you the right to a bonus, an exemption from the tax on company / regional vehicles upon registration (gray card) or even free. parking in some towns. Also, certain types of engines can have a specific tax and the weight of the vehicle can also impact this one. Since each option can have an influence on emissions, it is strongly recommended that you inform yourself about the impact of these on taxation.

Where can I find the company vehicle?

Once all the criteria have been chosen, you can acquire your vehicle from an individual, a car dealer, a dealership and consider purchasing a new professional vehicle, either directly in an agency or on sites such as Kidioui. .

If you do not want to make the purchase yourself, know that auto agents exist. In particular, you can buy your car at the best price from an auto agent . Specialists in the vehicle trade, they will then take care of acting as the intermediary between you and the seller (dealer, distributor or manufacturer) and have the advantage of being able to offer you vehicles corresponding to your criteria, to advise you, to negotiate the price and sometimes take care of administrative formalities such as registration.