Get ahead of your competition with design thinking

Every day, entrepreneurs have to face problems that require them to know how to adapt but also to solve them in a short time. Design Thinking revolutionizes innovation processes because it places the customer at the center of the process as well as the human resources who are involved in a collective creation approach that goes beyond silos. With search engines and digital tools, we have entered the era of immediacy but above all of impatience.

Design thinking is one of the methods used by

entrepreneurs to stay ahead of their competitors. It must be said that today the competition is raging. To be satisfied with the achievements of the company and to think that the difficulties only arrive to the others and not to envisage the future with its share of uncertainties is hardly conceivable for an entrepreneur.

What is design thinking?

Designed at the end of the 20th century and democratized in the early 2000s, design thinking is currently conquering many companies. Human-centered, this concept of innovation was inspired by designer techniques. Blending humanity with creativity, design thinking aims to identify the real needs of consumers. In order to recognize these imperatives, it is necessary to study the different ways of life of people. Highlighting each employee within a company, the design spirit motivates the responsibility of a team.

Design thinking processes according to Tim Brown

Allowing you to navigate in new sectors, design thinking facilitates the detection of the various problems that can arise during the creation of a product. Focusing on inspiration, Tim Brown, author of Change by Design, has always been able to update the problematic aspect. His imagination allowed him to find answers to the root of the problems. As for the application of the results, he was able to adapt it according to the needs. After identifying a problem, the design spirit makes it possible to find the solution that best adapts to it and to implement it. By being well prepared in advance, you will be able to overtake your competition .

Design thinking according to Rolf Faste

Facilitating a more detailed analysis, the design thinking approach according to Rolf Faste makes it possible to assess the various possibilities in the creation of an innovative idea. More methodical than Tim Brown, Rolf Faste determines the problem before seeking a solution, going so far as to imagine several ideas for results. This method requires a prototype which combines the solutions found. The combination of these possibilities makes it possible to select a more ingenious, functional and practical idea. Regarding its execution, it is necessary to look at the material aspect of the business. It is also important to take into account learning in order to improve problem solving. Design thinking helps you get ahead of your competition, so take advantage of it. But you still have to be careful. Because even if the design spirit has advantages, it is also necessary to take into account the risks. Do a careful analysis before making a big decision in your business.

Despite identifying a problem, the Rolf Faste method, by assembling related solutions, will keep you ahead of your competition.