3 ideas for setting up cool management

Beyond the simple fact of being an entrepreneur, who has never wanted to be perceived as a leader appreciated by his employees? There is no lack of prejudices of employees about your function and occupying the role of manager is often much more complex than it seems. You alone hold the keys and choose the type of management you want to put in place within your company, at least at the beginning.

Being charismatic may be part of your genes and you may be able to impose your managerial style without having to put in much effort. But this legitimacy cannot be limited only to the fruit of chance. Your ability to guide and give direction to follow will be decisive. The fact remains that, on a full moon night or not, the directives issued by any entrepreneur to his employees aim to encourage them to come together in a common objective: the success of the company and, through it, the defense of your values. To celebrate this success together, there are different ways to lead and bring together your employees. Relationships are not just about dominating / dominated.

In a cool company, where the well-being of employees takes precedence, this idea seems, in principle, to be widely understood, but is it still respected? A good manager must keep in mind that, of course, the feeling of the teams is fundamental but it is not everything. It remains essential to know how to find a balance so that your way of manager involves the adhesion of all to your projects. Whatever the form of your structure, hierarchical or not, your business can become a great place to live.

To set up such a management method and put human relations back at the center of their operation, some companies have had unusual ideas.

Idea n ° 1:
A platform for sports games and predictions on which all employees can find themselves, for example, allows employees to get to know each other when they belong to different departments of a company. This type of initiative, offered by companies like Corporico, is based on an original concept that can appeal to employees by taking them out of their work environment from their office.

Idea n ° 2:
Other firms organize escape games, during which a group of people find themselves locked in a room from which they can only get out if they solve puzzles! Based on reflection, this game calls for team spirit and, contrary to popular belief, is not only intended for groups of friends or families! Special formulas are also intended for companies in order to contribute to their team-building . These events can even take the form of specific themes. For example, the company Escape Hunt designs escape games entitled “Pursuit in the metropolitan” or “Crime in the cabaret” and welcomes both individuals and members of a company.

Idea n ° 3:
Creative concepts can bond your teams the same way. Coaches provide workshops in companies to encourage employees to express themselves artistically. From decorating to post-it notes to designing flower bouquets, there are many activities that encourage group members to share and share their ideas. Giving them the opportunity, for an afternoon, to decorate the walls of the premises as they please, has a double advantage: that of bringing them together and making them want to go to an office that they themselves have. refitted. The post-it decorations on the windows amuse the employees, as does the composition of bouquets of flowers.